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Baduk, as it is known in Korean or Go as it’s known in Japanese is the quintessential logic game.  It is said to be exponentially more difficult than chess.  The puzzles you get on play.baduk.org are about as hard as they come.  Here’s an interesting question: What game is the perfect opposite of baduk?  If you said slots, go (pun intended) to the head of the class.  A good slots play casino has upwards of 100 great slots games, all of which are incredibly fun to play but none of which require the brain power of baduk.

So Many Casinos

There are thousands of online casinos.  All feature slots as their primary game category.  There are over 150 game developers supplying slots and other games to these casinos.  You get the idea: as hard as it is to solve a single problem in Go, it’s even harder to keep track of everything new and fresh in online casinos and especially in slots.

We Work Overtime for You

We, at slotsplaycasinos.com, work as hard as we can to stay informed about online casinos and the slots they offer players.  We write game reviews every month and check in with our recommended short list of casinos as often as we can to make sure that they are living up to their commitment to players.  That commitment is that we all should play slots for fun above all.

A Pure Game of Chance

Slots play is fun in and of itself.  When your mind needs to rest, you can curl up in a soft, comfortable chair and play on your mobile device or you can play at your desktop computer.

Many players play casino slots for free.  These gamers are not interested in the many ways they can win at slots.  They simply want to play slots for fun and the safest and cheapest way to do so is to play casino slots for free.

Android and iOS

These two leading mobile platforms allow only free slots play on their apps.  If you want to play slots for real money on your mobile device, you go through your browser.

Why are Slots So Popular?

There are many excellent reasons for the enduring popularity of slots:

Story Lines

The old fashioned three reel slots had no story line.  The reels spun and you won or lost.  Modern video slots all tell a story of sorts.  Without these story lines, the slots would be little more than spinning reels that got to go round.

Great Flexibility

The many theme categories in modern slots plus the amazing variation inside each category make slots play an adventure every time you open the casino to play.

Whether you like space exploration or romance; sports or pirates; leprechauns or dinosaurs; there are more than one slot game to satisfy your preference.  And with all the other slots available at your fingertips, you can sample slots from all the other categories at your leisure.

Many gamers do so and discover that they like playing slots based on a theme that beforehand they thought would not interest them.

Fun and Convenience

Slots provide an inexpensive source of entertainment.  They are fun to play.  Many players enter slots tournaments because they are the purest form of playing slots for fun.  Only a good slots play casino offers daily slots tournaments to players.  It’s our job to tell you about those casinos.

We hope you’ll come often to slotsplaycasinos.com to catch up on the enormous world of online slots fun and entertainment.